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  • AGV System Development of Innovative Solutions within Automated Logistics
  • APPLICATION OF ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES Dedicated Fixtures and Equipment, Reverse Engineering,Applied Research
  • RESEARCH OF INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS Machinery Productivity Monitoring and Unique Software and Hardware Solutions


Range of services aimed at developing unique solutions for increasing automation in manufacture.

Unikátne SW a HW riešeniaWe offer a comprehensive software and hardware systems that, after their implementation, replace weak links in the production and thus contribute to an increase in production automation. Within the scope of these services, we design and manufacture custom PLCs. We can design and deliver a complete automation of the entire process, which brings a higher value added for the customer.

Range of offered services

  • Design complex solution (analysis, simulation,
    digitization of workplace...),
  • Creating a database for data collection,
  • Installation of the transmission system (LAN, WLAN, WIFI),
  • Implementation of software and hardware solutions,
  • Other services according to customer requirements.

Main benefits

  • Elimination of human error,
  • Increase of automation,
  • Online process monitoring,
  • Possibility of operative intervention,
  • Complete overview of the machines productivity in
    real time,
  • Database of accurate data.


CEIT Technical Innovation currently implements dozes of projects for our clients aimed at streamlining their logistics solutions. We are proud that we can call these companies our business partners.

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CEIT technical innovation and its products and services enjoy the interest of Slovak media. Thanks to its extraordinary portfolio of activities, the company is being picked up by different types of media.

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CEIT Technical Innovation, s.r.o. is a dynamically growing company focused on the research and development of solutions for the industry. Our team is composed of experts in engineering, industrial engineering, information technology and electrical engineering who are dedicated to creating innovative solutions using the latest technologies.

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When designing solutions and industrial projects, we work closely with educational institutes and expert partners in order to provide our client with the best solution that will fully meet its requirements.

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