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  • AGV System Development of Innovative Solutions within Automated Logistics
  • APPLICATION OF ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES Dedicated Fixtures and Equipment, Reverse Engineering,Applied Research
  • RESEARCH OF INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS Machinery Productivity Monitoring and Unique Software and Hardware Solutions


Machinery and equipment productivity monitoring systems are used for collecting, transmitting and storing data in the required format.

Inteligentné systémyMachinery productivity monitoring systems are sets of technical elements that serve to acquire, transfer and assess machinery productivity data. Output is the information for management in the required format (numeric or graphical) to reveal weaknesses in the process that allows us to identify potential opportunities for improvement.

Range of offered services

  • Design and installation of collection equipment
    for production machines or line
  • Installation of transmission system (LAN, WLAN, WIFI)
  • Design and installation of the assessment
    section of the system
  • Creating a database for data collection
  • Other services according to customer requirements

Main benefits

  • Elimination of human error in evidencing
  • Monitoring the actual status of equipment
  • Online process monitoring
  • Possibility of operative intervention
  • Complete overview of machinery productivity at a time,
  • Database of accurate data


Description and preview of the OEE:


Description of the OEE coefficient as an example of AGV logistical resources

Valčekový dopravník

  • OEE consists of three indicators:Availability,
    Performance and Quality
  • Availability includes the presence
    of a logistics resources in lobby
  • The performance points out how much of
    the time of availability was consumed by unexpected downtime
  • Quality is represented by sluggishness/delay of equipment
  • The product of all three variables is the resulting
    OEE coefficient OEE, which is displayed by the software
    in the form of a graph
  • This indicator, which could be important, is quality
    of communication, which detects occupancy of the Network
  • The OEE factor contains a complete list of logs
    stored in the database of logistics resources
  • User can select a specific time frame and display
    a graphical visualization of timeline
  • The whole algorithm is designed primarily for logistical
    resources, but its application is possible in any sector
  • OEE can be connected to the 3D visualization of a production
    hall and simulate the real events based on real results from the lobby


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