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Opening Ceremony of CEIT II Premises With the Participation of Governmental Representatives

Visiting Volkswagen Bratislava

From the initiative of University of Žilina, R & D centre was built gradually from 1998 for research and innovation in the manufacturing industry in the SR. From 2007, these organizations are linked to the Central European Institute of Technology (Central European Institute of Technology - CEIT). The main strategic objective is the integration of scientific research and development activities in Central Europe region and strengthening of its competitivness through innovation. We use the latest technologies, approaches and methods, instruments for the support of innovation activities that stimulate economic growth and prosperity of commercially oriented scientific and technological research with the use of results of university research in business practice. In CEIT, a.s., advanced technologies in research and development are applied for the creation of unique solutions with their implementation into practice in the field of engineering, industrial engineering, electrical engineering and computer science. Subtasks and comprehensive tasks are being solved - from their concept design to the production of the first series of products, design workplaces and assembly lines to its verification and optimization on the basis of simulation, as well as planning and control of production. Development activity is provided with maximum use of digitization technologies through simulations and elements artificial intelligence. It helps us to develop the entire set of solutions for business processes from design, technological processes and management throughout the life cycle of an industrial firm under the name Digital Factory, as part of the European project Factory of the Future (Future Enterprise) within comprehensive Žilina Intelligent Manufacturing System (ZMIS).

CEIT, a.s. is an equal partner of major European research institutions, such as the Fraunhofer Institute IPA Stuttgart Germany, ITIA Milan Italy, INESC Porto Portugal, EUVE Vitoria Gasteiz Spain, Switzerland ZURRICH ETHZ, SZTAKI Budapest Hungary. It is the representative of the Slovak Republic in major European research groups, such as the MANUFUTURE, EFFRA and is a member of several national centres and clusters. The results of its work are implemented in industrial enterprises in Slovakia, such as Volkswagen Slovakia, Thysen Krupp PSL, Whirpool, Swedwood, Sauer Danfoss, Continental, Škoda Auto, Schaeffler INA Kysuce.

CEIT, a.s. meets all attributes of the National Technology Platform, and thus, it expands its operations at the Technical University in Kosice in CEIT KE for biomedical technology, in the Czech Republic at CEIT CZ in Plzen, in Poland at Wroclaw Universities and Bielsko-Biala. Currently, it employs around 110 employees, mainly ZU graduates, especially postdocs. CEIT, a.s., as the centre of the National Technology Platform, is actively developing, within the territory of the SR, the platform ManuFuture SK as part of a European platform ManuFuture EU.

Conceptual Specialization of CEIT, a.s.

CEIT, a.s. (Central European Institute of Technology) has a clear long-term strategy of its operation - to become a knowledge-innovation community in Central Europe and a centre of excellence in the area of intelligent products and technologies for the processing industry. This achievement is affected by several conditions. On the one hand, the most advanced technologies and equipment that make it possible to carry out applied research and development at the highest level, which was implemented through investment incentives in the amount of 2.5 mil EUR at the total eligible costs of 6.5 mil EUR. On the other hand, skilled workers who are able to create solutions through this highly sophisticated technology. Nature of the labour market with highly qualified personnel, especially in the structures of spin-off organizations, dealing with rapid transfer of knowledge from research and development into innovation and commercialization, is different that for manufacturing industrial organizations. CEIT experience shows that such institutions at technical universities can make excellent graduates of all levels of university studies. Thesis and doctoral dissertation can be easily adjusted for the specific needs of industry experience, and thus accelerate their competency potential. This happens at CEIT, a.s.

Opening ceremony of the extended premises for research and development of CEIT, a.s.

Government Resolution of the SR No 374 from the 212th session of the Government dated 09/06/2010 on the proposal for granting investment incentives for the company CEIT, a.s. with the headquarters at Univerzitna 8413/6, 010 08 Žilina, was adopted by the Decision of the Ministry of Economy of the SR No 12/2010 from 18/06/2010, where, pursuant to par a) of the Section 6, the recipient shall continue to carry out business activities specified in the business plan for at least 3 consecutive years from the receipt of the decision. Completion of the investment plan and business commencement is associated with the completion of construction of CEIT II. Since this commitment of CEIT, a.s. was fulfilled with the commissioning of the building, an OPENING CEREMONY OF CEIT II PREMISES were held on 22/02/2013 (Friday) was held. The aim of this event is to publicly confirm the compliance with paragraph 6 of the Decision of the MoE of the SR No 12/2010 from 18/06/2010 and to present the increasing potential of CEIT, a.s. and its offer within the market of research, development and innovation in the Slovak Republic and Visegrad Group to the representatives of the government and key industrial customers (Volkswagen Slovakia, Thyssen Krupp PSL, Schaeffler INA Kysuce, Continental, Sauer Danfoss, Whirlpool Slovakia). Part of the opening ceremony is a visit of individual departments of Žilina Intelligent Manufacturing System (ZIMS) at the new premises and a debate with representatives of CEIT and key customers on the progress and prospects of industrial research.


CEIT Technical Innovation currently implements dozes of projects for our clients aimed at streamlining their logistics solutions. We are proud that we can call these companies our business partners.

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CEIT technical innovation and its products and services enjoy the interest of Slovak media. Thanks to its extraordinary portfolio of activities, the company is being picked up by different types of media.

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CEIT Technical Innovation, s.r.o. is a dynamically growing company focused on the research and development of solutions for the industry. Our team is composed of experts in engineering, industrial engineering, information technology and electrical engineering who are dedicated to creating innovative solutions using the latest technologies.

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When designing solutions and industrial projects, we work closely with educational institutes and expert partners in order to provide our client with the best solution that will fully meet its requirements.

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