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  • AGV System Development of Innovative Solutions within Automated Logistics
  • APPLICATION OF ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES Dedicated Fixtures and Equipment, Reverse Engineering,Applied Research
  • RESEARCH OF INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS Machinery Productivity Monitoring and Unique Software and Hardware Solutions




Prípravky a zariadenia Design of various special equipment, single-purpose machinery, test conditions, structural assembly jigs and provision of construction documentation. Outputs are real prototypes, feasibility studies, visualizations, parametric models or complex construction documentation according to customer requirements.

Single-purpose machines and equipments are designed to perform recurring activities, their main benefit is to reduce the burden on worker, in order to prevent muscle fatigue and of articular cartilage.

Assembly machines are manually operated or automated devices to simplify work operations at assemblies. They are used to load and unload parts from machines in manufacturing and also for packaging finished products and for palletising.


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Range of service offerings

  • Design of single-purpose fixtures and equipment
  • Creation of studies and visualizations
  • Construction of equipment and prototypes
  • Preparation of construction documentation
  • Other services based on customer needs

Main benefits

  • Significant savings in assembly time
  • Better quality
  • Elimination of errors during assembly
  • Exclusion of errors
  • Better ergonomics
  • Reduced burden on workers
  • Reduced complexity
  • Increased operator comfort
  • Reduced occupational hazards

Formats of Assembly preparations

  • Based on specification:
    • Assembly of parts
    • Simultaneous assembly of a group of parts
  • Formats according to construction:
    • Simple stands
    • Sliding, rotating, lever mechanisms
    • Preparations with higher levels of automation
  • According to control:
    • Manual
    • Mechanically operated (pneumatic, electrical, hydraulic)
Demonstration of realized projects:

Single-purpose machine for welding plastic parts

  • Single-purpose semi-automatic device used for welding
    and checking of plastic parts in the automobile industry
  • Ultrasonic welding parts
  • Number of automatically assembled parts: 2 left side / 2 right side
  • Camera check for welded parts

Single-purpose machine for welding plastic parts

  • Single-purpose semi-automatic device used to welding
    and checking of plastic parts for the automotive industry
  • Ultrasonic welding parts
  • Camera check for welded parts

Single-purpose machine for mounting of ceiling in cars

  • Single-purpose semi-automatic device used to mount ceiling for cars

Single-purpose devices for quality control

  • Automatic device used to check the accuracy of boring holes in laminated plates
  • Camera Control System

Single-purpose road Tester

  • Device is used to test the physico-mechanical properties of the road
  • Device is placed on minimum length runway

Single-purpose device for semi-automatic stamping serial numbers

  • Single-purpose appliance for automatic stamping serial numbers for cars
  • Automatic data loading from the line

Single-purpose machine used for the production of semi-finished products

  • Single-purpose device used in the manufacture of tires in the automobile industry

Single-purpose device for separation and shredding of waste

  • Single-purpose device used for separation and shredding of electrical waste

Single-purpose container for tanks to cars

  • Automatic movement
  • Semi-automatic removing
  • Semi-automatic reloading

Product Development of registration payment terminal for public transport

  • Development of a prototype, using rapid propotaping
    technology, reverse engineering and vacum casting
  • Six kinds of prototypes were made and with
    their help was realized mass production

Single-purpose device for automatic installation of bearings

  • Single-purpose device used for automatic installation of bearings and their testing
  • Pairing components for various types of bearings

Hand assembly plant

  • Preparation serving for manual assembly of plastic components for cars

Hand assembly plant

  • Preparation serving for manual assembly of plastic components for cars


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