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  • AGV System Development of Innovative Solutions within Automated Logistics
  • APPLICATION OF ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES Dedicated Fixtures and Equipment, Reverse Engineering,Applied Research
  • RESEARCH OF INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS Machinery Productivity Monitoring and Unique Software and Hardware Solutions


Development and testing services in the bearing industry

Ložiskový priemyselIn the context of applied research, we engage in research and development in the bearing industry, where, by using special tools and methods, we can provide customers with assessment of bearing units, complete solutions for storage and design favourable and more economical kinds of bearings in compliance with the required technical parameters and ensure expert supervision for installation of bearings. Among other things, we also offer a wide range of calculations by using the method FEM - Finite Element Method.

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Range of offered services

  • Development of bearings (structural design),
  • Production and testing of prototypes
  • Design production technology
  • Virtual testing services
  • Calculations by FEM (Finite Element Method)
  • Other services according to customer requirements

Main benefits

  • Unique solutions certified by virtual analysis,
  • Reducing the number of real tests during
    development of new product
  • Standardized outcomes from analysis
  • Reducing construction costs of components



Complete offer of technical calculations and analysis:


Linear static analysis

  • Stress and deformation analysis of framework machinery and equipment parts

Fatigue analysis

  • Lifetime evaluation of structures based on stress analysis and material properties

Optimization and design of parts

  • Reducing design to a level that the component is
    fully functional even after the withdrawal of material.

Complete bearing analysis

  • Kinematic and dynamic analysis of bearings
  • Determining the speed and layout of the bearing
  • Stress analysis of bearings
  • Calculation of friction and energy dissipation rate
  • Calculation of the impact of bearing cage
  • Quasi-static analysis of rubber gasket assemblies
  • Optimization of the internal geometry of bearing components

Nonlinear static analysis

  • Material analysis
  • Geometric analysis
  • Contact analysis

Strength calculations of a gearbox

  • Weight reduction of gearboxes in compliance with strength and stiffness

Virtual analysis of strength

  • Thanks to virtual analysis, we are able to reduce the
    number of real tests of new product development

Virtual analysis of hardness

  • HRC value is calculated from the depth of plastic deformation
  • Correct adjustment of the model material provides approximately
    the same depth distortions in the virtual model as in the real model


CEIT Technical Innovation currently implements dozes of projects for our clients aimed at streamlining their logistics solutions. We are proud that we can call these companies our business partners.

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CEIT technical innovation and its products and services enjoy the interest of Slovak media. Thanks to its extraordinary portfolio of activities, the company is being picked up by different types of media.

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CEIT Technical Innovation, s.r.o. is a dynamically growing company focused on the research and development of solutions for the industry. Our team is composed of experts in engineering, industrial engineering, information technology and electrical engineering who are dedicated to creating innovative solutions using the latest technologies.

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When designing solutions and industrial projects, we work closely with educational institutes and expert partners in order to provide our client with the best solution that will fully meet its requirements.

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